Cleanse Testimonials

Every transformation has specific guidelines, and this one fit me best, to achieve independence from relying carbohydrates as my primary source of energy. Day 1 I FELT AWFUL. By day 3, my caffeine headaches had become very minimal and I finally had energy. I worked out, though I could not set the world on fire. By day 5, I began to really feel like I had worked the kinks out, and my energy was coming back. The last 5 days were smooth sailing. Hunger was never really a factor, energy was great, and the best way to describe how I felt, was “clean”. For one of those days, I worked my construction job, and was not even remotely tempted to have a coffee or muffin, at coffee break. I think it was day 8, that I spent 6 hours raking over an acre of grass and loam, to prepare for a new lawn. Obviously expending that amount of energy, I treated myself to a small salad around lunch time, using only balsamic vinegar and oil. I then continued this for the last 2 days. I also should add that I worked out mostly every day during this journey. As a by-product, though I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose weight, I lost just over 8 pounds, was down 3% body fat, and my total body water was up 1.5% consistently throughout the whole journey. I really feel as though though my energy is much more stable, and cannot say enough good things about the program. It is not easy, but if you can adhere to the program, you absolutely will see gratifying results.
     J.L. – Manual Laborer: ATHLETE CLEANSE

This cleanse was exactly the type of thing I was looking for, so I finally pulled the trigger. Hunger was definitely not an issue. It was hard, but after day 5 I started feeling better. I was constantly drinking water and I can’t believe I stopped craving sugar, carbs and cheese! Yay!
E.M- Full time working mom: STANDARD CLEANSE