Start and End Your Day with This


Mindset Monday: Shift the energy of your entire day just by doing this


In our continued quest to better ourselves….or is that just me? In my continued quest to better myself through mindset shift, I have found a new daily and nightly pattern that has been genuinely making me feel like I’m becoming a better person. And that was something I thought was pretty fucking impossible not too long ago.

First (and this is not the point of the post), I am going to be that REALLY annoying person that tells you to turn off all electronics 30 minutes before bed. This is something I think everyone should do. I think it completely transforms not just our sleeping pattern, but the way in which we fall asleep. Now, I say this- but am I living this? No, most of the time- no. It’s one of those things that I know I should be doing, but at bedtime you can pretty much count on finding me with my eyes lit up by the iPhone I’m holding inches away from my face. So, I’m not practicing what I preach and I’m gonna admit that. I did want to say this, because I do want to work on this for myself and think you should, too.

Ok, stepping down from that weird soap box. Since August of last year I have been practicing a daily and nightly ritual that I read about in a few different books. I decided to combine them together and I have surprisingly kept up with it- which for me is a miracle in itself. It has made me reflect on things I have while also detaching myself from my own “issues” and out of my own head. I guess you could kind of consider this like a “prayer” of some sorts. I never actually prayed- other than having a few chats with my Grandfather, randomly asking him if I was really the hot mess I thought I was during some rough patches. For the record, he’s been very supportive in his spiritual responses. So I believe in the spiritual connections, but this is a bit different.

  1. Starting tonight, before your fall asleep try to think of 3 things you were THANKFUL for that day. Sounds pretty simple, basic, and what we were taught when we were young. Whether it’s something that is directly related to your life: you got a warm hug from a loved on, a promotion at your job. Or maybe something that happened outside of your immediate reality: you read about a tragedy and are thankful you and your family are safe. It can be anything, and it can be more than 3. Some days it’s a lot more than 3 for me. The key is to close your eyes and in your head fully say:
    I AM THANKFUL FOR ________, I AM THANKFUL BECAUSE_____, I WANT TO THANK _______, etc.That’s it. Literally. That’s all. It takes 5 minutes, maybe. Start to attempt this every night before you fall asleep. And seriously make it right before you fall asleep, it has to be one of the last thing your mind focuses on before slipping away into laa-laa land.
  2. Now, this is probably the most important ritual of the day. Tomorrow when you wake up, when you’ve opened both eyes and are ready to roll out of bed, hold off for another 5 minutes. Take this time to think of 3 people that you want to SEND ENERGY to. Whether it’s someone you love, someone who is suffering, someone you read about in the news, someone, anyone. Think of them and close your eyes, in your head mentally send them the energy you want to send them. Love. Healing. Support. Wisdom. Courage. It can be the same people every day, a lot of times it repeats for me. I find this the most important daily ritual because I am thinking of someone else’s reality instead of mine. I am not caught up in my head, my day, my problems, my worries. It’s one of the best changes I have made in awhile. And it also takes about 5 minutes.

The energy you send out is not just a made up notion, it’s true energy that will effect your reality. Everything has energy to it in some way or another. When you start your day with positive, selfless vibrations and end your day with gratitude- you will alter the way energy enters you. You will absorb goodness and send it right back out to those who need it. This is a simple mindset shift that can genuinely change the reality of your day, week, month, year, life.


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