The Timing is Never “Right”

So what the hell are you waiting for?


Here’s the thing. We like to pretend we are planning, or perfecting, or preparing. But you know what all of that really is? Bullshit. Or excuses. Or actually, both. If you are about to launch something, begin something, start something, engage in something, involve yourself in something- what the hell are you waiting for? The perfect time? As soon as you get that course finished you are gonna dive right in? As soon as you finish designing your website then you’ll REALLY start hustling. On Monday, I’m going to clean up my life and start fresh. Guess what? That’s not good enough. It’s just fucking not.

These are safety nets. These are flotation devices. Our versions of bumpers at the bowling alley. That prevent us from what-? Failing. We are comforting ourselves, keeping ourselves safe and avoiding harm. Which really means-  avoiding failure. We don’t want to fail. Who wants to fail? Failing looks bad, it feels bad. If we prepare ourselves our chances of failure lessen. Yea, sure. Especially when we prepare ourselves for so long that we never actually take the fucking step. We avoid the leap. We miss the chance. We don’t fail. Congrat-u-fucking-lations you didn’t fail. But guess what, you definitely didn’t win. And now, you’re really screwing yourself over at having the balls to take another chance again. What are we conditioning ourselves, our minds, to tolerate? Little risk? Safe choices. Small rewards. Comfort. Maybe you like it there. Maybe you want to stay in that cozy little cottage in the corner of your mind. Sweet safety.

Part of me wants to tell you to stay there. You keep yourself in there. Let us work it out here. We’ll take the risks, fail miserably, try again, fail again, try again, take a bigger risk, win big. Repeat. Failing is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve become conditioned to enjoy my failures now. They are my north star, my compass. Failing is pointing me in the right direction. More than planning and plotting ever did. So you stay there, I’m cool with that. Less competition. Less hustlers to navigate around. But, I don’t want to do that. I want us all to win.

There’s enough out here for all of us. And not just that, you deserve it. You’re worth it. You are worth that risk. Why can’t you tell yourself that? What is it that is keeping you from taking that next step? How can you convince yourself that the timing is never “right”? How do you distance yourself from caring how others will perceive you? It’s not something that happens overnight. It happens little by little. And you know how? You just start. Baby steps. Little things. You fucking deserve it. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR future. This is YOUR happiness. Prove to yourself that the potential to fail is worth it. No matter what. Just begin.

Let’s say you’re starting a new  venture. It can be anything really- business, diet, website, services, coaching, quitting your job, applying for a job, asking for a raise. Yet, you are hesitant to put it out there because you aren’t quite “there” yet. You have another certification to get, you have 15 more pounds to lose, you haven’t figured out your logo, you need a website, you want to wait til summer. While this may all make sense in your mind, what’s stopping you from connecting? From supporting your venture by putting related content out there? From engaging with potential clients or customers- not as a sales tactic but to gauge where the market is? From networking?  These are all examples of ways you can start the hustle before you feel “ready”. These are actually smart ways of building up your new venture, getting attention, and most importantly lighting a fucking spark under your ass.

Ask yourself how you can begin to add content or value. Starting now. Today. What can you do that brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Share your story. Share a piece of advice. Write a blog post about something sorta related to your venture (see what I did there?).  Connect with someone. Share the truth about your hesitation, your hangups, your road blocks. This is what can really catapult you. Actually putting your truth out there is going to get you way more engagement than anything you plot, plan or perfect. Getting outside of that cozy cottage in the corner of that mind of yours- scared, cold, vulnerable, that’s where true thriving begins.

There’s never a perfect time. Except now. Right now. So what the hell are you waiting for?  Get out there. Connect. Engage. Hustle. Begin. Slowly is fine, just go.







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