Super Amino 23- Nature’s Fat Burner + Muscle Builder



Remember Hydroxycut?! That stuff was super popular when I was in my teens and I remember going to Brooks (also, remember Brooks!?) to hoard that shit. I actually think Hydroxycut is still around. Anyway, I genuinely believed that I would be able to take these pills (never even caring to see what was in them) and my fat would melt away as I sat on the beach all day. All I ever felt was shaky & nauseous. I’m pretty sure they contained ephedrine or something similar.

I smartened up after that summer and never believed another “miracle fat burner” pill again. They are everywhere- mostly infomercials during repeats of Fresh Prince and 90210 (Dylan 4-ever). I roll my eyes saying that there is no way a pill can burn your fat while doing nothing.

And then I did the 10 Day Cleanse. Which introduced me to the Super Amino 23. I actually had no clue what they were for when I started, but if you have done the cleanse you know that you’re taking those things 3x a day. As the cleanse went on I could tell I was losing inches by the way my clothes felt, but by day 3 I felt like I had been working out. My muscles were growing- huh? I took the “no exercise” during the cleanse part very seriously, so what was going on?!

I didn’t really catch on until after the cleanse ended. I continued to do everything 1x a day instead of 3x for maintenance. I wasn’t super strict with my food but I continued to feel like my muscles were growing and fat was burning. Last week we ran out of our initial supply of the Super Aminos and it was an instant difference. I felt sluggish, more bloated, I didn’t have the same energy. It was the longest 4 days waiting for that delivery!

I have been recommending anyone looking to lose weight to get the Super Aminos in addition to anything else they order. It really feels like a miracle. Joe has been recommending them to anyone wanting to build lean muscle. If you work out, you’re going to actually accelerate those results. Holla!

Reach out here to get $50 gift card for free! Seriously, no strings attached!

Since I feel transparency is 100% necessary you can find ingredient and more scientific information here:

Super AminosNature's Fat Burner + Muscle Builder (1)


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