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Is there anything more annoying than the word “goals”? I used to think it was only used by advisors and lame people that wanted to sound like they had their shit together. And I was neither of those. I had somewhat of a shift last year when I was having a professional + personal mental breakdown, sounds nice- huh? Sometimes we see the ‘light’ when we are rapidly free-falling towards rock bottom.

I’m a pretty close-minded person when it comes to personal development. I sort of just floated through life thinking this was it- I just have to make the best of it. Cue: breakdown at 30 years old. I can’t recall what exactly peaked my interest, but I started exploring ways to be successful yet avoid the rat race. And let me tell you, there’s a whole world out there. A successful, accomplished, happy, free, young generation of people working for themselves. And not just that- kicking ass, making killer money, paying off debt, buying beautiful homes, not having to answer to a boss or clock in. And a lot of them are younger than me. How did I never see this? How did I not get the memo? Was it because I was settling for mediocre? Yes, yes it was. I was keeping blinders on in every way. The exact way of thinking that makes these people so successful, is what I was subconsciously deflecting.

So what the fuck does this have to do with goals? Well, this is how you begin to create a life for yourself. That life for yourself. The one you crave in every cell of your body, but think isn’t attainable. What if you started to tell yourself you could afford the vacation home of your dreams? Or have the day-to-day freedom to do what you wanted? The ability to travel wherever and whenever you wanted? What if you started to believe these goals are within your reach? Would that make you an out of touch dreamer? Maybe to some. But when you shift your thinking, it’s actually the opposite. It brings you in touch with what really drives you. Because guys, it’s actually happening. People are truly manifesting these lives through hard work and a shift in mindset.

If you write down your goals- short term, long term, dreams- and start to look at them every day, there’s potential for you to find the passion to push you closer. You may have to work a lot harder, no- you definitely will have to work harder. You may have to change your lifestyle. You may have to take a u-turn and fix some shit in your past. But if it’s bringing you closer to what you truly want, it doesn’t feel like a chore. It doesn’t feel like an obstacle too hard or impossible to overcome. All of a sudden you have a purpose, your life has a new meaning, you’re in control of what you want and how you are going to get it. If that’s not a reason enough to set some fucking goals, I don’t know what else is.

Now, there are obviously different levels of goals. And not only that, goals are constantly changing. You may reach a short term goal, which helps you achieve a long term goal, and then you find yourself in a place where you have a whole new vision for yourself. So start small. Diversify your goals. Or start big. Then work your way down. Whichever way you find that sparks the little voice inside you that’s been trying to get your attention for the past decade- do that!

I attached a goals worksheet to help you organize and get some planning done. Goals look good, but working through a plan takes them to a whole other level. This is mostly for your short term and long term goals. When you look at your dream goals, the “plan” for those is basically the culmination of the short and long term goals. You’re building the foundation for the dreams. The ultimate life. Whether it’s a shack on the beach or a life of roaming around the world- once you imagine it, write it out, plan it out, believe it- you’re already well on your way!

Happy Goal Planning Guys xo

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