Bee Pollen- Nature’s Red Bull


Two weeks ago BabyDaddy went on a guys trip up north with 10 others. I’m pretty sure we can all imagine the things that occur on one of those. Let’s just say I expect minimal communication with him.

To my surprise he facetime’d me with a couple guys who were gushing over a bee pollen supplement he has been taking in the morning. Apparently they decided to try them out with him and other than aiding in “recovery” from the night before, they all had crazy energy & focus. They couldn’t get enough. I have had 4 orders from the guys since then and one has even asked if he could be the face of “bee energetic”- ha we’re working on that.

Look, we’re living in a world where we are constantly on the go. Constantly wearing ourselves out, taxing our adrenals, and looking for the quickest “fix” and “boost”.  It’s just how we are- and for the most part, that’s okay. But instead of reaching for that 3rd cup of coffee, there are actually pure forms of energy we can take instead.

I am so confident in this 100% natural, non-GMO, organic movement happening, but I know I am a little ahead of the curve (and I’m okay with that!) I genuinely prefer people discover it for themselves. If I went to the firehouse and tried to push “bee pollen” on these guys it would never translate. So I was ecstatic to get this call and hear the thing I love most “this shit actually works!”. It gives me the push to keep this momentum going. This isn’t a trend or a tacky sales opportunity- this is real life, real products in the purest form, created to help those that are slowly becoming more and more aware of what goes into their body. And I am so happy to help navigate that.

Screw the red bull. Skip the energy shots.

bee energetic

More details here. Get a $50 gift card just by sending me a message!



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