School Day Conversation Starters

Whenever I pick Gracie up from school I always jump in and ask her questions about her day. We get a full report from her teachers, but I am dying to hear it all from her perspective. She never answers my questions, so I keep trying. And trying. This turns into “Mommy, you’re asking me too many things!” Which makes me laugh, but I STILL want to know it all.
I found these questions online and have been using them for the past few weeks, and it’s actually made a HUGE change in her responses and interaction with me. Clearly, I was asking all the wrong things in the wrong way (mediocre mom). She has been elaborating about her day, what kind of day her friends had, and how she interacted with her teachers.
I wanted to put them all together and share it with any of you that want to harass and annoy your child into telling you about their day.
Let me know how it works for you or if you have any other ways of interrogating the little ones!
school day questions site.png


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