8 Hidden Veggie Recipes for Kids


I remember it well. All throughout my pregnancy I swore that my child would never eat boxed mac & cheese, she wouldn’t know what a chicken nugget tasted like, and we would drink kale blueberry smoothies together every morning as we made our chickpea pancakes. Ha. HA HA HA. Motherhood. Everything you never knew you never knew. These days I am lucky if my child orders something off the children’s menu that doesn’t have the word “cheese” in it. And if she does it’s because I trick her as I slip the server an extra $5.00 bill. It’s worth every mother ‘effin penny. But the older she gets, the smarter she gets. She knows. How does she fucking know?!

But listen, I’m a mom. Ok? I got this. If I can handle 30 hours of torturous labor (for another post on another day but I swear it’s legendary) I can certainly evolve my trickery. So I figured out just how to do that. Mom ninja, food ninja, trickster elite. I’m laughing my way through the produce aisle. Imaginary taunts directed at my child as I pick up piles of spinach and zucchini. You’ll eat this, oh yes- you’ll eat this.

So here’s the roundup! Good luck, I know you can do this. We have to stick together, ya know?  Don’t let them deter you and remember: never look them directly in the eye while preparing. Never.

  1. Spinach Brownies
  2. Squash Mac & Cheese
  3. Avocado Pudding
  4. Zucchini Cookies
  5. Veggie Red Sauce
  6. Broccoli Nuggets
  7. Carrot Grilled Cheese
  8. Kale Meatloaf

spinach brownies
Rich, dense, moist. The only time those three words should be used together is to describe brownies. Especially these. Packed with spinach with no white sugar or dairy. Perfect treat with hidden greens. Find the recipe here.



Warm, creamy, cheesy. You’d never know a member of the squash family is enveloping every piece of macaroni and going right into your little one’s belly. This is a weekly must! Get cooking here.

This one is mommy’s favorite. Chocolate pudding with all the health benefits of avocados helping you out. Seriously, you’ll have no idea. I mean the kids won’t, because this is for them. Not for me… Ok, get mixing! The recipe is about halfway down the page.

Nothing beats tricking a child with a cookie. It’s a natural mommy high, cackling included. These are so flavorful and simple. Now let’s try to figure out how to convince our children that raisins are chocolate…

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What’s that sweetie? You don’t like veggies with your pasta? Ok, I’ll just add “plain old” red sauce (wink*wink). Seriously, load this sauce up with veggies. The more you blend the less they’ll ever know!



Not only does this recipe have broccoli, it also includes flax seed. This one is a no-brainer. Especially since kids live off of chicken tenders from ages 2-20. Seriously, I did that.



Grilled cheese is my daughter’s go-to. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. You name it. I can’t even be mad because seriously, how fucking good are grilled cheese sandwiches? You know it. I could try to add some vegetables on it, but she’d take one look and walk away. This idea is brilliant. Man, I love finding gems like this one!




Kale is the new black. Am I right? Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, kale is king. So let’s get this in a family dinner night. I love a good meatloaf and I love adapting recipes like this one to make meatballs. Challenge accepted.


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And there they are. In all their glory. Go, do it. Make veggies happen! Let me know thoughts on recipes you try. Yours and your little wild one’s thoughts too. Also, I’m always looking for hidden, sneaky recipes- so send them my way!

til next time,
x kait


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